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April & James

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong


Lots of bits and pieces for the wedding preparation came to our minds after we have decided to get married. We initially believed our friends could help us a lot in the wedding, but it was not the case as there were a lot of expectations by both families with different cultures. So we decided to seek for opinions from an experienced wedding planner to help us to put every wedding-piece altogether, and we are glad that we have got Andy to get everything well sorted.


We shopped around for a suitable wedding planner at the very first place. There were total 3 wedding planners that we successfully got met. However, one of them did not know much about Chinese wedding tradition, while another one did not want to tell the potential budget that we were going to spend for the wedding unless we committed their package. Finally, we have got to meet Andy, who has a lot of experience in wedding planning with various styles and traditions. He is also willing to share their company profile and all the potential fees during our first meeting. The most important thing was that we felt very comfortable when we talked to Andy and his team, he could feel our tension. He has mentioned “to prepare a happy, smooth, and an imperfect wedding, because imperfection is also one of the valuable memories to everyone in the wedding”, which we always agree with it.


Andy and his team went through every detail with us while we were preparing for the wedding. He suggested some vendors for decorations, photography, video-shooting, etc., and we are very happy for all the vendors that he had suggested.


One-month countdown for the wedding and we had yet to fully completed with the arrangements with the hotel for the banquet decorations. Andy then helped to liaise with the hotel and the decoration vendor, and we could tell that Andy and his team were on our side to bargain with all parties. We are very happy with the final arrangement as the outcome is more than perfect to us.


Thanks Andy and his team for the tremendous job they did. We would not have had such a memorable wedding with their help. Our relatives and friends are so impressed by their professionalism.


We will definitely recommend Andy to anyone who wants to stay away from the stress of wedding planning.

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