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Your wedding day is the most important and special day that you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime. Every girl dreams to have that perfect fairy tale wedding when they have met their Mr Right to spend their rest of their lives with. With Sparkle Planning, a premier wedding design and planning company in Hong Kong, your special day will be looked after from start to finish so you and your loved ones can enjoy the beautiful and memorable day.


Sparkle Planning is passionate about the art of creating perfect and flawless weddings, a day that is truly memorable. Andy CHAN believes that every couple has a love story and strives to bring this to life on the wedding day through all the elements, from overall theme, venue decoration, music as well as the concept video played on the day. Sparkle Planning ensure that every aspect of the wedding truly reflects the unique personality and style of the bride and groom.


Andy CHAN and his amazing team are known for their creative ideas, unexpected decoration accents and exquisite attention to every last detail. Andy’s calm demeanour help his clients relax as he creates one-of-a-kind weddings of their dreams. His experienced team is capable of planning everything from a wedding of 50 to a wedding of hundreds. No matter the number of guests, Andy’s weddings are stylish, personalized and unforgettable.

Andy CHAN, the founder of Sparkle Planning, is a professional full service wedding planner with over 20 years of experience. He has planned over 500 weddings including famous couples in the political sector, business sector and entertainment circle.


Andy CHAN has an extensive experience in VIP and press management for both weddings and events. Every couple hopes that he plan and make their dream wedding become a reality. As an experienced wedding planner, his first approach is to discuss thoroughly every aspect of what they wish and imagine their wedding to be like. With his experience and creativity, he then analyses and shares his suggestions and ideas.


During the process of planning the wedding, Andy CHAN emphasises on the importance communication, not only to understand the couple’s needs, but also to pay attention to their parents’ thoughts. His knowledge and expertise help every couple solve problems on wedding traditions.


With rich experience, Andy and his team will smoothly and efficiently manage your wedding day. Taking care of all the details and aspects of the wedding, to ensure every couple will fully enjoy their wedding on that special day.


Andy CHAN promises to serve whole-heartily and sincerely to create the most unique and perfect wedding for you.



Chief Planner

 Andy CHAN

  Chief Planner

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