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Suki & Simon


A day filled with laughter, sweet tears, and lasting memories, that is how a well planned wedding should be. That was how our wedding went. My wife and I really could not ask for a better day or a more wonderful wedding. This would not have happened if we didn't have Andy and his team helping us to plan, and just as importantly, to execute those plans on the day of the wedding.


My wife and I only gave ourselves slightly less than three months' time to plan our wedding. Due to some family reasons, we had to have our wedding within that timeframe. At the same time, we also didn't want to short change ourselves by having a wedding that was anything less than what we had in mind. After all, an once in a lifetime event still only happens once no matter no much or how little time we put into it. We knew right away that we had to get the help of a professional planner in order to have the wedding of our dreams with less than a quarter of the normal planning time. One night, while I was away on a business trip, my wife called me and excitedly said to me, "we have found the one." She was referring to Andy. After meeting with several wedding planners, she thought Andy stood out the most from all the others. Andy's knowledge of all the things that need to be prepared before the wedding, his network within the industry, his professionalism and sincerity made us feel very comfortable entrusting him to guide us in planning one of the most important days of our lives.


Once we retained Andy's services, things started to move very quickly. With less than three months' time to go, we didn't even have a venue yet. We not only wanted to have a nighttime banquet, but also a daytime outdoors ceremony. Instead of having to find and visit many venues, we only had to go to a few places that Andy recommended and knew had availability. We were fortunate that we found really ideal venues for both the daytime and nighttime events given the short lead time we had. After the selection of the venues, Andy really stepped up and helped us arrange the plethora of items that needed to be prepared. Based on the input we gave him, Andy helped us find the most ideal and awesome video and camera crews. Throughout the planning process, Andy had no question that he couldn't answer and no problem that he couldn't solve for us. Things that my wife and I didn't think of, Andy would bring to our attention and offer us his advice or opinion on how to decide on them. Andy even helped me to prepare a nice surprise for my wife during the banquet that was so sweet and touching that it brought my wife to tears.


In our minds, one of the most important reasons for having a wedding planner is to take away any stress from the bride and groom on the day of the wedding. Having worked closely with Andy and his team in the time before the wedding, we knew that the crew could handle any type of situation that would arise. Just as importantly, Andy went over and revised the wedding rundown with us several times during the few weeks' time leading to the day of wedding. So we knew quite well how things were planned and were mentally prepared for all the details of the day. Furthermore, from the level of the details of the rundown, we felt quite assured that Andy knows how to do his job well. If we didn't have the trust in Andy and his team, then I am sure our stress level would have been quite high and would not have enjoyed the day as much as we did.


Now that the wedding is over, my wife and I do think that it was one of the most memory filled and wonderful days of our lives. Andy and his team just guided us along throughout the day and we simply enjoyed the process. We are sure that many problems were solved on the spot in the course of that full day. However, none of those really bothered my wife and me because they were solved before we even knew about them. We really could not think what we would have done if we didn't have Andy and his team to help. An especially big thanks to Andy for holding our hands throughout the wedding planning process and giving us exactly the right level of care.



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