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Joelin and Kevin


A year before our big day, we decided to get professional help in organizing our wedding. We understood that the wedding preparation took a year long, and we wanted to ensure that we got the right h⋯⋯elper. We had interviewed with few wedding planners, and we were very impressed by Andy. Andy was extremely patient to share with us his experiences, background and advices. We felt confident to confirm and place down the deposit. And now, it proves that it worth the money!


Without Andy's help, the one-year wedding preparation couldn't be so easy. Due to our busy work schedule, we could hardly find time to meet with the service providers. Andy was very thoughtful and well-organized to arrange all necessary meetings in few single days to release our pressures. He was also very considerate and helpful in answering our calls in late nights when we were tied up at work during the days. Thanks Andy for his professional advices and suggestions on all wedding items such as music, venue decoration, hotel banquet, gown, makeup, photographer, and especially, the special gift to my family. They love it very much.


Andy had designed a great wedding day rundown to accommodate our parents' needs. His thoroughness, knowledge and kindness translated our vision into a stylish and meaningful ceremony. The wedding day turned out to be a stress-free and enjoyable event. Thanks for hosting the banquet and creating a warm personalized atmosphere during the night. All our guests were very impressed and commented that our wedding was a special memorable one.


To anyone who needs a wedding planner, Andy is the one...

He doesn't meet your expectations, but exceeds all yours!!!  

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