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Rita & Jacky


Hiring a wedding planner is one of the best moves we have ever done to ourselves. Since we live in Los Angeles, planning a Hong Kong reception remotely is a very tough job. Andy helped us selecting our venue, communicating with vendors, laying out the rundown for the day, and accommodating all of our "special and difficult" requests. Andy and his team really take care of the stressful portion of our wedding planning.


We respect Andy even more after our LA reception. We had our LA reception two months after our Hong Kong reception. Didn't hire a wedding planner in LA, we thought we would be capable of handling the work. We were SOOO wrong. It is tremendously difficult to plan and organize all the little details of a wedding while we are working. We were doing OT every single day before our LA wedding (OT meaning our wedding planning job). And oh, did I mention stress? The feeling of "not having enough time" haunts us days and nights during those times. We never had that for our HK reception, mainly due to that fact that Andy is always available and we can just transfer ALL our stress and questions to him. I really should have brought Andy with me for my LA reception.


Andy & Team - Thank you for all your delicate and professional work. And thank you for giving us a special, stress-free, and beautifully-planned wedding. Keep up all the good work!!!!!

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