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Surinna & Alan


We don't know how to express our appreciation to Andy, our wedding planner, and his team, which provided us with such a wonderful time on our big day. About a year ago, we decided to get married and have our wedding in Hong Kong due to the fact that most of our relatives live there. As we reside in the U.S., and we are both tied-up at work, planning a wedding in Hong Kong would be a big challenge to us. Therefore, the idea of seeking professional help on the wedding preparation came across our minds.


After several E-mail communications with Andy, we knew that he is the one that we had been looking for.


Andy, the chief planner, had provided professional suggestions on our wedding preparation items, from flowers, bridal cars, wedding favors, make-ups, outfits, photo-shooting, video-shooting, to wedding registration. He is detailed oriented and well-organized. With his well-established connection in the industry, he can always help us to find the service providers that suit our needs. Before the wedding, he and his team designed a well planned rundown and seating chart for the day and provided us with a thorough to-do-list so that we knew what we need to prepare on our end. On the wedding day, he and his team did a fantastic job on managing the time, arranging the seats based on attendance, providing briefing for the ceremony, and taking care of all other little things such as traditions followings and venue decoration. They helped us to set our bridesmaids and groomsmen free so that they were able to enjoy on the day also. I believe there must have been a lot of unexpected issues that they needed to resolve on the day. However, we were not bothered because Andy's team took care of them. The wedding turned out to be very close to what we had expected. It went very smoothly. We were stress-free and were able to enjoy every single moment on the most special day of our lives.


Thanks Andy and his team for all the tremendous jobs that they did. Without them, we would not have had such a warm and memorable wedding. Our relatives and friends were very impressed by their professionalism. We will definitely recommend Andy to anyone who wants to be away from the stress of wedding planning.


Andy, excellent job! Best wishes to you and your team. Keep up the great work!

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